Conceptual and Personality Portraits

Slight absurdity is the key to dynamize personality.

Ryuji Suzuki

Boston Fashion Photographer Ryuji Suzuki りゅうじ りうぢ リウヂ SILVERGRAIN

I study what I photograph, and I photograph what I know. I'm a curious artist who reads in a wide range of topics, and I also like to understand how things work in many aspects of the world. I find true joy in analyzing and figuring out complicated matters. This has always widened and deepened my engagement in fine art and commercial photography.

If an image is meant to be intense, vibrant, bold or absurd, I will consider giving it an extra push.

I love naturally flavorful food, however spicy, but never use a hot sauce just to make the food spicy.

My photography has been exhibited in several galleries in the Boston area, with a few winning awards, including • Best of Advertising Photography and Judge's Choice awards, annual image competition of Commercial and Industrial Photographers of New England. • Grand Prize, Vortex, Blue Man Group.

Selected List of Clients

A&E TV series, American Airlines, American Association for the Advancement of Science (Science magazine), Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., Analog Devices, Inc., Aperian Global (San Francisco, CA), ArchitectureBoston magazine, Ashcroft Law Firm, Beaumont Financial, Bessemer Trust, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Cambridge Arts Council, Cambridge Interactive Development Corporation, CBRE, Christian Dior, Cisco Systems, Citizens Bank, Deloitte, Delucchi+, Duff & Phelps, LLC, EastHorn Clinical Services in CEE Ltd. (Praha, Czech Republic), E-Factor (NYC), Embassy Suites (agent: Tribe, Inc., Atlanta, GA), Emerge Clinical Site Relations, Ensemble Discovery Corp. (Ensemble Therapeutics), Environ Corp., GE, Gillette, Green Leaf Health (Washington, DC), Harvard University, The Hype Agency (Salem, NH), Iron Mountain, ISTO É (Brazilian magazine), Keller Williams Realty Inc. (Austin, TX), Kroll, LPL Financial, Mbooth (for JC Penney, Project Runway) Merrill Lynch, MIT, MIT Sloan School of Management, Morgan Stanley, Mylan Institutional (Rosemont, IL), National Board, NorthStar Travel Media (Secaucus, NJ), Novartis (Basel, Switzerland), Northern Power Systems, Novia Strategies, Prysm, Inc. (agent: Thinktiv, Austin, TX), Oldways Preservation Trust, Onset Technology, Inc., par8o, Proctor & Gamble, PwC, QIAGEN, Queens University (Canada), Renaissance Health, Rowland Reading Foundation (Middleton, WI), Sanofi Genzyme, Scott James, Siemens Healthcare, Spectrum Science Communications, Stoltze Design, Sun Healthcare Group (Sundance Rehabilitation), TD Bank, Thoma Foundation, Timberland (agent: Lizzie Grubman PR & Management, NYC), Top Hat Monocle (Canada), Travel Age West (Los Angeles, CA), Trusteer, United States Postal Inspection Services, University of Massachusetts.


15 Channel Ctr. St., Boston, MA 02210

Studio in Boston; Boston photographer available for assignments in New York City and beyond.